Do Online Piano Lessons Really Work?

Due to the COVID-pandemic of 2020-2022, there was a sudden interest in all things online. Whether it was online school, Zoom meetings at work, or remote meetings, this shift in our culture precipitated a huge change in the way that we view our ability to work and learn. While we at the Maestro Musicians Academy acknowledge that online lessons are not for everyone, we also found that online piano lessons, in particular, were very successful for countless students. This article focuses on this subset of students and answers the question "Do Online Piano Lessons Really Work?"

The short answer to the question posited above is that "Yes, Online Piano Lessons Really DO Work...But it depends". Here is how to know if online piano lessons are right for you or your child!

At the Maestro Musicians Academy, we find that online piano lessons are most successful when students are engaged and interested. We could say the same thing for regular in-person classes! Many have the perception that online lessons will be of lower quality because of the sacrifice in human-to-human subtle communication cues, such as body language, touch, and shared space. While this can be true, there are advantages that actually tip the balance back toward the other direction for many kids.

For instance, many of our teachers (myself included) have discovered that Zoom forced both students and instructors to really focus and listen more attentively, precisely because the cues listed above were missing. Since music is all about listening, the need to use one's ears more was helpful in the learning process. From the standpoint of organization and communication, many teachers and students also like the accessibility of the computer keyboard so that notes and assignments can be sent during or after the actual lesson. Technology is increasingly being used in the music classroom, and there are plenty of programs and apps that can be used in conjunction with the lesson to teach technique, music theory, and other facets of music education

Furthermore, having access to a quality teacher is a luxury for many who do not live in or near a metropolitan area with a conservatory or quality music program. Online piano lessons are a great answer to this problem!.

So what elements will steer you AWAY from online lessons? How do you know if the lessons will absolutely not work for you or your child? Here's what CAN go wrong:

1. Your internet connection is poor (enough said)
2. You only have a phone - not a desktop or TV screen to view the teacher
3. Your child is just too young to understand that there is a real person behind the screen, and isn't able to follow instructions

The great news is that you really don't need a fancy mic or anything like that for online piano lessons. What you DO need is a way to show yourself playing at the piano in profile, so that you look FORWARD at the music or your hands - not at the screen. This way the teacher can also see your hands, as opposed to just your head.

I do hope that this little guide has been helpful in your quest for online piano lessons. Good luck with your musical adventure and feel free to contact us at the Maestro Musicians Academy if we can be of any service!

Daniel Broniatowski, D.M.A.
Maestro Musicians Academy
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